Monday, August 6, 2012

Toronto Arts Exploration and Gallery Hunting

Now that the Play Me I'm Yours Exhibit is finished, I want to move onto searching and exploring galleries and arts performances around the city of Toronto.  Don't be alarmed!  I still plan on posting about each of the artists involved in the project over the next few weeks - I'm just going to include a few non-piano posts in between.  K?

Let's talk about TorontoArtist.  TorontoArtist is an all inclusive, interdisciplinary, experimentative, creative umbrella organization for, but not limited to Toronto's variety of artists.  The Umbrella is a partner blog, designed to spread the word about the purpose of TorontoArtist, display the work of the group's growing membership and seek out and promote the work and events of the hundreds of thousands of artists in Toronto who are trying to get recognized.  

This is my mission - I will find, see, meet, experience and write about new artists, events, small businesses etc and you'll be the first to see.  

So stay tuned!  LOTS more to come.  

Thanks for reading!!


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