Friday, July 20, 2012

Play Me I'm Yours: El Piano Varado - Piano for El Salvador

One of the most impressive pianos I've seen thus far in terms of style and execution is that of Cristina Cornejo. Located in the McGill Parkette on Yonge Street, we also had one of our most entertaining experiences with a piano yet.  

It was about 1030pm and we'd just left a bar around the corner and were walking down Yonge Street to the subway.  We passed a small parkette along the way and I noticed that there was in fact a piano there, vacant, waiting to be photographed.  

As I set out to capture the piece and the details of its thick oil paint exterior, an old couple were walking our way, and the man appeared to be blind.  
"Just show me where the keys are," he said aloud to his wife as he handed her his cane and she directed him to the stool in front of the piano.  

Check it out here: 

It was pretty impressive.  

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