Friday, July 20, 2012

Play Me I'm Yours : La Mariposa for Mexico

The first piano I visited in the downtown core was the piano for Mexico in front of the CIBC building at the corner of Dundas and University.  The base colour is a rich sky blue with brightly coloured flowers across the front and down the sides.  The colours are bright and tropical, just like the beautiful country the instrument represents.  
     The artists, Alex Flores was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico and she was selected for the piece because of her connection to the nation which will be represented in the 2015 Pan Am games.  A little research on the interweb showed that the inspiration for the piano was none other than butterflies, that which migrate from Canada to Mexico and back every year.
Alex Flores has a huge resume.  She's been an active artist in and out of Toronto since the early 90s and has been involved in many public art exhibitions and movements.  If you're interested in learning more about ehr you can check out her website at

A beautiful concept and a beautiful piano. Onto the next one!

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