Sunday, July 29, 2012

Play Me I'm Yours: Trinidad and Tobago at Yonge and Eg

Okay so I am aware that the map I chose for this collection of posts is not the most sufficient in terms of geography.  There is nothing north of Bloor until the 401 (and though this is the reality of the lives of some Torontonians..........) it leaves out some pretty important streets in my opinion.  One of course, is Eglinton Avenue.

This piano, representing Trinidad and Tobago, was created by Trinidad born artist Brian Wong Won.  

The artist is: "known for his bright colors, expressionistic compressions of space and distortions of architectural space." 

This quote from his website, describing his style is plainly seen and represented in the many examples of his work that I've seen as well as on this beautiful piano.  This one was one of my top favorites simply because it was painted with such crisp, clear colours, featuring  a branch of cherry blossoms across the top.  I loved this specifically because it is both representative of Trinidad and Tobago, home of the beautiful, rich colours he depicts, but also a connection with Toronto, which itself has many beautiful parks and hidden bluffs for flowers to grow.  Who hasn't seen the cherry blossoms at High Park in the Spring?  

If you're interested in the work of Brian Wong Won, he's currently showing at BAND Art Gallery in Toronto at 823-A Bloor Street West.  The showing of his works including a reception which took place July 25th is in conjunction with the upcoming ScotiaBank Carribean Carnival.
I seriously recommend getting out and seeing these pianos!  The exhibit is so close to being finished, (2 days!) so get out to the parks and street corners around Toronto and play!!   

Thanks for reading and keep reading for the rest of my piano posts after the end of the exhibition and full coverage of the Closing Reception with guide/ artist Karen Miranda Augustine on Monday, July 31st!

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  1. This is wonderful! It somehow has a very colonial feel to it.

  2. If you actually went and took pictures I'm going to be pissed cause I was there, playing that very piano like 3 different days last week, lol

  3. I TOTALLY take all of the pictures I post myself. This one was a couple weeks ago though. :)