Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Play Me I'm Yours - Las Abejas de Costa Rica - Bees at the TIFF Lightbox

The funny thing I've noticed about the artists chosen for the Toronto Street Piano Project is that they are from a very wide range a backgrounds and have experienced a varied level of success as artists prior to participating in the project.  Some of the artists I wasn't able to find any information on at all - and it's sad when you can stump Google.  But some of the artists,. such as Francisco Castro Lostalo of Puntarenas, Costa Rica - creator of the piano at the TIFF Lightbox.

The piano, covered in bees and honey comb patterns represents the necessity of bees in Costa Rica to the continuing development and growth of their agricultural society. 

 "My goal for this event was to create a work of art that would be inviting to look at and fun to play, but my piano also has a serious message." 

He explains his full meaning further on his website  He also explains it quite well on a small plaque he included 

Costa Rica is one of the 41 countries participating in the 2015 PanAm Games here in Toronto, and I work right next door, so I get to see it every day. :)

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